The Importance Of Motorbike Gear

motorcycle gearIf you are a complete beginner to riding a motorbike, you may be curious as to what motorbike gear you need to purchase. Although there is a vast variety of motorbike gear on the market, not all of them are created equal. There are many important things to consider when choosing the right motorcycle gear. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of motorbike gear.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, peaks at 27.78 mph during the 100-meter sprint. If he falls while going at that speed, he will definitely sustain serious injury. This is because the human body has not evolved to go that fast. This is why a man can die even after falling off a horse. A horse travels at an average speed of 43.97 mph. Just imagine what will happen to you if you were to fall off a motorbike which usually travels at a speed of 50 mph or more in town limits? On a highway, you may exceed 85 mph quite easily. In fact, the skin, bones, and organs of a man are not designed to withstand impacts at these speeds. This is where the importance of motorbike gear is felt the most.

The latest statistics reveal that on an average road surface, a motorbike rider can expect to lose one millimeter of flesh every time he crashes while traveling at a speed exceeding 30 mph. This is why motorcycle gear is important to protect you from the impacts and injuries caused due to accidents. Motorcycle gear helps offer a more comfortable and safe riding experience. Here are some of the most important motorbike gear for a motorcycle rider.

Helmets are important to protect the face and neck area from the impacts and injuries caused due to motorcycle crashes. A motorcycle helmet has a lifespan of five years. After that the glue that is used to bond the impact absorption material starts to degrade. This can have an impact on the safety of the rider. You need to buy a reputable brand of helmet and maintain it properly for long life and durability. It will help protect you from the impacts to your head during a crash.

A jacket will cover the fragile parts on your body such as the back, arms, organs, and ribs, etc. Make sure you choose a quality jacket for comfort as well as safety. Fashion leather jackets may not be the best option to provide adequate safety to your body. Motorcycle jackets come in two types such as leather jackets and textile jackets. High-quality textile materials such as 1000 denier Cordura are great to resist abrasion similar to leather jackets. The other accessories include gloves, motorbike boots, and motorcycle pants.

In conclusion, choosing the right motorbike gear is important to provide the necessary safety and comfort when riding the bike. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of choosing the best motorbike gear to protect yourself while riding the motorcycle.

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The Must Own Motorcycle Apparel of 2016

motorcycle apparelFor many people, the appearance and performance of their motorcycle is a point of pride. It’s a vehicle that they value highly, something they agonized over buying, put hours into modifying and maintaining, and cherish deeply in their lives. When you ride your motorcycle, whether on  the highway or local roads, you want everyone to notice you and your bike. In ensuring that your appearance is picture perfect when you are riding your motorcycle in public, the difference that the proper gear and apparel make can not be overstated. Of course, the gear you choose for your rides always serves a secondary function: they should also work to keep you well protected in the case of an accident and warm while you are cruising in cold weather or at high speeds. In short, perfect motorcycle apparel should be a seamless combination of both stunning design and powerful functionality.

While many people are aware of the existence of the motorcycle jacket, there are actually a great number of other pieces that belong in any frequent motorcycle rider’s kit. For those who are seeking to always ride in style, here’s our list of the have to have motorcycle apparel pieces of this year.

1. Leather Gloves

If you are going to make one motorcycle apparel purchase this year, make sure that you’re getting a pair of leather gloves. Nothing else is as simultaneously fashion conscious and practical for any motorcycle rider. They come in a great number of styles, and can convey everything from debonair chic to rough and punk like rebellion.

Leather is the best material to get gloves in for reasons other than its superior appearance. In terms of retaining heat without adding too much bulk to your hands. It is also pleasantly tactile, and has enough of a gripping surface to prevent hand slipping or loss of traction. Finally, leather is legendarily resilient, and can last half a lifetime easily with proper conditioning and treatment. It is waterproof, and can be cleaned with just a damp cloth.

Leather gloves designed specifically for motorcycle riders will often have hard carbon or metal plates sewn into the front, back or side panels. This will allow you to break a fall with your hand in case of an accident, without the fear that the skin on your palm will get overly abraded. In this way, a proper pair of motorcycle gloves can make you look good while protecting your body.

2. Jacket

The classic motorcycle apparel, the leather jacket needs little introduction. The high quality leather is not porous, so the strong winds experienced while going at high speeds is blocked. The dense padding inside helps insulate the jacket, all while protecting the skin and muscle on your torso in the event of an accident.

The best motorcycle jackets are made of real leather. Aside from that, they will be a little heavier than fashion jackets, with panels designed to absorb shock.

3. Boots

While a lot of people do not think about the shoes they wear while riding, investing in a good pair of boots can be vital for keeping safe. Having well made boots ensures that you do not lose traction on the pegs. Heavy leather will also help protect your feet in the even that you have to put your foot down on the pavement to catch yourself.

The style of the boot in this case is not the most important, although an ankle length boot is generally preferred as it is most versatile. Boots should always be worn with thick socks of a proper length, to ensure long term comfort.

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Benefits of Motorcycle Beginner Course

motorcycle training

Learning to ride a motorcycle is not easy, and that is a part of life you need to get used to, so don’t go about this process blindly. If you are keen to learn how to ride a motorcycle, the best thing to do is to enroll in a motorcycle beginner course. Make sure you are as patient as you can be so thatyou can make the most of the benefits a beginner course can offer.


Teaches Safety


Safety is always important, and a lot of riders do not focus on this. Once you enroll in a beginner course, expect that safety would be the top topic to be discussed. You will be taught on how to stay safe while riding, what safety gears to wear when out on the road, how to stay away from accidents and what to do when these unfavorable incidents occur.


Better Control


Control plays a huge part in motorcycle riding. Control is synonymous with safety. If you aren’t adept in controlling your motorcycle, there is a high chance that you’ll encounter serious problems while riding. But fret no more as this will be tackled in the beginner course as well. You will be taught on the techniques in controlling your motorcycle.



A motorcycle beginner course is proven to make riders feel safer on the road than those who didn’t take any motorcycle education, because it provides sufficientinformation on the must-do and don’ts.


Without a doubt, enrolling in a motorcycle course is a wiser investment than buying the motorcycle itself. Make sure to acquire the necessary information and skills prior to venturing on the road to ensure an enjoyable, safe journey.


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Tips on Motorcycle Licence Test

a young man with his motorcycle while holding his permit

Before you are allowed to operate a motorcycle, it is necessary that you obtain a motorcycle license test. Most states impose penalties for riding a motorcycle without a valid license. Anyone caught in this act can go to jail for 90 days and may be required to pay a fine of $1,000. The motorcycle may be impounded as well. To avoid such inconveniences, it is necessary that you attend motorcycle training to prepare you for a motorcycle licence test.


Taking a motorcycle licence test when you are not well prepared could be counterproductive. First, you must acquire and obtain a motorcycle permit. The permit will only be given to you after passing a written test. To save money and time, it is important that you prepare for the test before taking it. Here are some things that must be done if you want to succeed:


Prepare Adequately


Motorcycle licence test will cover the requirements of the law within your country. Even though there is no standardized content, some of the topics that are covered in the test include:


  • The required motorcycle riding gear
  • Rules on riding
  • Vehicle control
  • Tips on how you can enhance your safety by making yourself more visible
  • Approaching and negotiating through intersections
  • Braking techniques
  • How to avoid a crash
  • Negating curves
  • Group riding
  • The best way to approach wildlife on roads
  • Passing techniques
  • Riding with a cargo or passengers
  • Why you should not drink and ride


You need to studyand understand the manual carefully before presenting yourself for the test. You may also be required to complete two tests; a motorcycle riding skills test and written test.


To pass the tests, it is necessary that you spend some time behind the handlebars of the bike and go through a rider education course. You may also need to go through a safety foundation guide so that you can understand the safety procedures you should adhere to.


Among the topics covered include:


  • Using protective gear
  • Optimal lane positioning
  • Safety driving practices
  • Motorcycle cycling skills


To prepare for the written licensing examsadequately, you can get many practice tests online. There areavailablereading materials and tips that can help you answer the questions well. Also, it will give you the opportunity to feel and learn what to expect in the sufficient real examination. You can also brush up your skills by attempting as many questions as possible.This will quell your test taking skills, give you the confidence you need and increase the chances of passing the test on your first attempt.


Preparing for the exams is the only thing that will ensure that you pass the test on the first attempt. It will save you from the need to take a trip to the state motor agency so that you can get re-tested. In addition, you will save time since some states require that you wait for certain duration to lapse before you are allowed to retake the test. This means that passing the test on the first attempt will help you get on the road faster.

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Facts you need to know about motorbikes safety

Facts you need to know about motorbikes safety

In case you’re similar to most men, you may be considering, “How hard would it be able to be? I’ve had that two-wheeled thing down following, what, age 6?” But a cruiser does not put up with imbeciles. Most cruisers will go from zero to 60 speedier than you can read this sentence. There are no safety belts or airbags on cruisers. On the off chance that autos are more about being ensured in a casing, cruisers are about being out there in the wind. With a cruiser, you wear your security.

Tighten up an auto and you may twist some sheet metal; spoil on a bicycle and you may bite the dust. Riding a bike will dependably incorporate a component of threat; there’s no chance to get around that. Be that as it may, there are approaches to minimize your danger and put the chances all the more to support you.

imagesThe Motorcycle Safety Foundation has preparing projects everywhere throughout the nation. A large portion of these projects is official parts of state projects. Some, similar to those in Ohio, for instance, even give the bicycle to starting understudies. They’ve prepared near to 6 million understudies since 1974. They’ll show you the strategies of throttle, grasp and brake control, and the sky is the limit from there. What’s more, they don’t stop there. As you show signs of improvement, you can likewise take their Experienced and Advanced courses.

WA_PC14092_chartAuto drivers, in any event the ones who aren’t messaging, battling with their life partner on the telephone, applying make-up, or upsetting their iPods, are searching for moving questions the extent of autos and trucks. A cruiser is a much littler thing and may not by any means register with a driver. Furthermore, since such a large number of autos are wired to have their lights on all the time, even the bicycle’s front lamp doesn’t make it emerge in the activity. Never expect that the auto driver sees you. Continuously accept that the auto driver will do something idiotic. Be prepared for it. Plan appropriately.

This is a conclusion to the past section. The best riders would prefer not to be astonished, so they envision. They see a truck on an on-ramp and move left much sooner than the truck consolidates. They ride somewhat quicker than the normal movement to stay out of blind sides. To put it plainly, they expect the stupid things a driver may do and position themselves to keep away from the results if the driver does, to be sure, do that imbecilic thing. The best riders are the smoothest riders, always moving their machines to the slightest hazardous spot.

A cap won’t secure your head in the event that you hit a tree at 60 mph. Nothing will. A cap is intended to shield your head in a tumble from ride stature (4 or 5 feet) to the ground and the following scrappage. You’ve seen riders whose just head insurance is a handkerchief. These individuals aren’t cool; they’re inept.

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